Oana Secara
Holistic Therapist & Owner

Oana Secara is the driving force behind Gentle Reviving Therapy, your trusted partner on your holistic well-being journey. With a deep passion for holistic healing and a commitment to helping individuals find balance in their lives, Oana has become a beacon of light in the holistic therapy community.

As a female-owned business owner, Oana brings a unique perspective to her practise, harmonising traditional and non-traditional therapies to nurture the whole individual. Her approach goes beyond addressing isolated issues, delving into the mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions of well-being.

Oana's expertise includes a range of transformative therapies, from the Bowen Technique to Access Consciousness and Chakra and Aura Healing. Her mission is to empower you to revitalise your life and unlock your inner potential. Experience the magic of holistic healing with Oana Secara and embark on a journey towards profound well-being and self-discovery.

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