Access Vision

Access Vision

Revitalise your vision and gain a clearer outlook on life with Access Vision at Gentle Reviving Therapy. Are tired eyes, blurriness, or headaches a part of your daily life? Access Vision offers a holistic approach that combines 16 nurturing energies to promote eye health and optimal vision. This hands-on process goes beyond just correcting vision; it clears emotional blockages and environmental influences from your bio-energetic field.

The result? Not just improved vision, but also a brighter perspective on life. Access Vision can even help alleviate issues like sinus problems and benefit animals with cataracts. Embrace better vision and a clearer outlook on life with this unique holistic therapy. Our sessions are available individually or as a bundle of 3+3, ensuring that you receive the long-lasting benefits of improved vision.

Each session is 30 minutes long.

From £30.00
Per session

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